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PO Box 2219, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37409-0219, United States

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Gold Bond resides at PO Box 2219, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37409-0219, United States provides here all the necessory details like contact number 1-800-831-4088 by which customers can reach to Gold Bond Go to and get more information from there.

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More about Gold Bond

Gold Bond Gold Bond is a skin care products company offering their products & services in the United States. Main headquarters of the company is situated in Tennessee, United States. The company was launched in 1908. The company is the subsidiary of the Sanofi, which is a global pharmaceutical company. Products The company provides products in two divisions named as Gold Bond Medicated & Gold Bond Ultimate. In the Gold Bond Medicated divisions, the company offers products in categories such as Medicated Body Powder, Medicaid Body Lotion, Medicated Baby Powder, Foot Care & Fort-Aid. In the Medicated Body Powder category, the company provides several products such as Original Strength Body Powder, Extra Strength Body Powder & Powder Spray whereas in the Foot care category, the company serves several products such as Soothing Foot Powder Spray, Medicated Foot Powder, Therapeutic Foot Cream & Pain Relieving Foot Cream. In the Gold Bold Ultimate divisions, the company offers products in category such as Skin Therapy, Men’ Essentials, Diabetics, Eczema Relief Cream, Hand & Foot Healing Cream, Rough & Bumpy Cream. In the Skin Therapy, the company serves products such as Healing Lotion & Cream, Restoring Lotion & Cream, Softening Lotion & Cream, Strength& Resilience.

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I live in Renfrew Ontario Canada. I can't find your product anywhere. Where can I buy it? Gold bond ultimate diabetic foot cream. No store in renfrew has it. I've been to them all, so what would be the nearest place here in Ontario Canada to get it.
Robert Nunez
My name is Robert Nunez and I am a home health aide.
I buy and have my clients buy Gold Bond healing which we really like. My only concern is that, if you view the pictures, you will see where it starts when i first buy your product, where it ends when the pump no longer works and how much i scope out after cutting the plastic container. Its crazy that there should be so much left in bottle when pump no longer works. My clients as well as myself are not rich people but we do want to use products that we like and believe work well. So, for the money we pay for gold bond, i really feel we should be getting everything we pay for.! I tried to send picture but could not!