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9 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA

You can visit Miele on the address mentioned above and ask your queries or register your complaints.(Please call before visit Miele)


Email address to send mail to Miele

Send mail to Miele using the email address mentioned above and Miele may not be reply back.

Call Miele Phone Numbers for Help:

(866) 694-5851

Call to Miele for any help.

You can visit Miele Website for more information:


Contact Miele

Miele resides at 9 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA provides here all the necessory details like contact number (866) 694-5851 by which customers can reach to Miele Go to www.mieleusa.com and get more information from there.

Some More Phone Numbers Related To Miele

Miele Dishwasher toll free customer service number : +44-845-365-6600
Miele Usa toll free customer service number : +1-866-694-5851
Miele Vacuum toll free customer service number : +1-800-565-6435, Fax No: +1-800-704-7232
Miele Geramny toll free customer service number : +49 5241 8966899

More about Miele

Miele Miele is a manufacturing company of high end appliances offering their product & services across the world. The company was founded on July 1, 1899 by Car Miele & ReinhardZinkann. Main headquarters of the company is situated in Gutersloh, Germany. As of 2013 records, the company revenue was €3, 15 billion. There are more than 17,250 employees working with the company to offering their product & services across the world. The company received Red Dot award for their washing machines & tumble dryers in 2014. Products The company provides products in category such as Baking & Steam Cooking, Hubs & Combest’s, Cooker Hoods, Coffee Machines, Refrigerators’ Freezers & Wine Units, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers & Rotary Ironers, Vacuum Cleaners, MieleCleaning Products & Accessories. In the Baking & Steam Cooking category, the company provides products such as Ovens & Cookers, Microwave Combination ovens, Range Cooker, Steam Ovens, Steam Combination Owen, Microwave Ovens & Drawers whereas in the Vacuum Cleaners category, the company offerings products such as Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners & Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The company also serves accessories such as Genuine Original Miele Dust bags, Vacuum Cleaner Accessories, Accessories for hobs, Combisets & many more.

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